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Band: AM Aesthetic

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AM Aesthetic is a three piece rock band from Connecticut. Their story is similar to that of many youths growing up in the nineties and being influenced by the alternative rock scene at the time. However, as most young bands dissolve as they go through adolescence, AM Aesthetic grew closer as musicians and friends while they matured their sound into what it is today.

Led by Rob Suchecki on guitar/lead vocals and Patrick Raimondi on bass, AM Aesthetic became complete when finding a fellow Connecticut native, RJ Dowhan, to play drums in 2009. Six years and two E.P.s later we find the band excited for 2015 having just released their first full length record Future Tense. Rob was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us here at Evensound about AM Aesthetic’s plans for the new year.

Congrats on the release of Future Tense! It sounds amazing. What was the writing and recording process like? Who did you record with, how did you make the decision to work with them?

Thank you! Working on Future Tense was really exciting, because we’d never attempted a full-length before. The writing/recording process was new for us because we essentially recorded as we wrote. A lot of the guitar and bass performances that made the record were takes we did while we were writing the parts for the first time, which I think allowed us not to over-think or over-examine anything.

I ended up recording everything but the drums in our studio, we went with Oliver Strauss at Mission Sound for that. He’s got an incredible collection of drums, and we were big fans of his work on other records. It was great to go in and let him do his thing, we’re really happy with the sounds he got. My good friend Jeremy Cimmino mixed the entire album, which we knew we wanted before we even started tracking anything. He mixed an E.P. we put out a couple of years ago called “Waiting In The Wings”, and he’s basically a boss at mixing and we love what he does.

What are your plans for touring and supporting the record?

Releasing the album during CMJ was really fun, and now for the spring and summer we’re planning on getting out of the city and heading all over the Northeast. This part of the country is awesome for music because there are so many cities and markets in a relatively small geographical area. We’re going to be out focusing on reaching new listeners mostly at venues, colleges, and radio stations, culminating in a new music video release in June. We’ve also got some surprises coming along the way

What is your songwriting process like ? Will you typically have a song idea and bring it to rehearsal for the rest of the band to add to or is it more collaborative?

We’ve refined our process into basically what I would call collaborative demos. I’ll usually approach Pat and RJ with a recording of my guitar/vocals, maybe a piano or something. If they don’t tell me it sucks, we’ll mess around with the arrangement and they’ll add parts and we’ll make a full fledged song out of it. Then we listen to it a bunch of times to make sure we like it. Sometimes we’ll jam out on stuff with guitars too sitting around, it depends on who’s got an idea first.

The Portishead cover that you guys released is fantastic, what was the inspiration behind that?

Thanks! Honestly we’re just huge Portishead fans. As a kid I saw their Live At Roseland performance, and it completely blew me away. We’d never attempted a cover before, and we weren’t sure how it would go. The 20th anniversary of “Dummy” all lined up and we figured this was our way of showing appreciation and respect for the band. The response was awesome, and we ended up getting to nerd out about Portishead with a bunch of people online over it. If I ever found out Beth Gibbons heard it, I would probably explode from anxiety, though.

The AMA sound is certainly steeped in the best of both British and American 90’s Alternative rock, how would you say your influences have shaped your sound? How do you see your sound evolving into the next record?

I think that’s a fair assessment. That’s what was happening when we were kids. We grew up in pre-Napster suburbia, where you either heard a band on the radio, or from an older, cool sibling or something. The radio was playing bands like Oasis and Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, and that was the first music I fell in love with and felt inspired by. Pat and I had our first band with two other friends in 7th grade, and we would learn all these songs and completely SUCK at playing them day and night in the basement. We couldn’t get enough. That’s how we learned everything about playing music, and we’re basically still doing the same thing all these years later. While writing “Future Tense”, I think we uncovered a lot of sonic elements and themes we liked and explored them a bit, and our next record will be us pushing them further.


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